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Blueye system

Effective counting of customer flow in the facility

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We implement intelligent counting and analysis systems for the retail , office and shopping centers sectors

Having a lot of experience resulting from cooperation with a demanding client, we create a personalized analytical tool. Continuous improvement of algorithms and applications allows to provide the client with new and unique functions, while maintaining extremely high efficiency of analytical reading

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1000 running camera points
24/7 system operation

How does the application work?

The application recognizes objects in the frame of a vision device using

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System JAZM is fully integrated with system BLUEYE

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An extensive statistical tool

The BLUEYE application is launched in the form of a web application, and thus the maintenance and service of the software remains on the side of the Contractor. The above solution allows access to data to all authorized users from anywhere with access to the Internet

The scalability of the solution allows for any shaping of reports, selection of statistics, devices or adding new commercial facilities. A very interesting and innovative aspect included in the application is the ability to preview in real time and from the archive of the crowding rate within the indicated communication routes of the commercial facility

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Counting inputs and outputs

The system allows you to count customers and verify many in-store data. 95% minimum efficiency

Verification of customer service time at the position

The system allows you to define zones covering given workstations in the area of analysis. Then, it verifies the time the customer is at a given position and thus the service time

Building heat maps to verify the areas frequented

Heat maps are maps based on the number of people and their movement in a given area

Measuring the time the customer is in the indicated zone

The system verifies the indicated zones and counts the time the customer stays in the selected area

Measuring the amount of customer interaction with the service

The system enables the detection of employees based on the characteristic uniform. Thanks to this, we are able to distinguish the customer from the service and determine the amount of interactions with customers

Verifying entries into specific regions and areas

By examining the stops in a given area, we notice which products or decor elements stand out among others or are desired by customers


Deviation maps are primarily used to assess which direction customers most often go right after entering the facility

ANPR - license plate recognition

The system automatically reads the license plate numbers of vehicles entering or leaving the area / parking lot

Vehicle flow analysis along with the occupancy of the parking lot

Modern applications in parking lots: navigation to a free space and your car, information boards, cameras with image recognition, application and kiosks with parking payment, reports and statistics

Analysis of the turnover of the facility tenants

The system allows you to analyze the amount of tenants turnover in a selected period of time with the generation of reports

Effectiveness of exposure

Measuring how many customers walked past the display and did not enter the store, how many stopped and for how long and how many entered the store

Verification of the queue length at the ticket offices and fitting rooms

Ability to define the maximum queue length taking into account the notification sent to the service

One interface for multiple locations

The BLUEYE application brings together many locations with the implemented system in one place. In real time, you can view statistics from every point

3D projections of the object

The objects are presented in the form of 3d, which allows for the mapping of each floor and precise marking of the counting places

Customer traffic from WiFi

WiFi hotspot is not only Internet access for customers visiting the facility, but also a lot of important information about the movement

Demographic analysis

Breakdown of visitors by gender, age groups, breakdowns and statistics

Data binding with RFID

Generating an alert for protection in the event of theft, immediate identification of the person is image with the possibility of sending it to the appropriate services

Generating reports and statistics

Reports - length of stay, frequency of visits, etc., which can be sent automatically to the indicated e-mail addresses

OCR indicator

Mobile application with marketing and OCR data at your fingertips

View access statistics from all locations on an ongoing basis, as well as turnover and transactions of tenants from selected locations

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Selected commissioning of Blueye application
Bonarka City Center
Elektrownia Powiśle
Focus Mall Piotrków Trybunalski
Focus Mall Zielona Góra
Galeria Tomaszów
Galeria Warmińska
Galeria Wołomin
Libero Katowice
Solaris Center Opole
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