The Blueye system is a web application

allowing for the presentation of statistics and automatic generation of reports


Analyze the behavior of your store is customers and increase sales

Video monitoring systems in commercial facilities are most often associated with the protection of people and property. It turns out that monitoring can also very effectively support business processes. The image analysis system allows you to monitor and analyze customer traffic in the store. As a result, it has become an effective tool for maximizing sales results

Appropriate placement of goods

The sales results of a brick-and-mortar store largely depend on how the goods are placed in the right place in the store, at the right level on the shelf and in the right way. It depends on a well-thought-out display whether a potential customer will notice the product at all, whether it will reach the right shelf and see the goods to which we want to direct its attention. Having data on customer behavior, we will be able to make changes to the arrangement of the stands, i.e. the location of goods, and keep track of the effects of these changes

Heat maps

Blueye cameras monitor customer traffic

The layout of retail space has one goal: to enable customers to quickly reach the goods that we want to sell the most. However, the ways we have planned to direct traffic and control customer attention may turn out to be less effective than we expected.

A common reason is that customers like to go their own way - like walkers who walk across the lawns instead of using the designated paths in the park. In order to be able to make effective, i.e. sales-increasing changes in the place and method of displaying goods, we first need to find out which areas have the highest traffic, where queues are formed, and which areas of the store are avoided by customers. Cameras from Blueye are the perfect tool for this task


system accuracy

minimum 95%

Video analysis allows you to accurately verify the number of customers visiting the store and its individual zones at specific times, days of the week or periods of the year

We will find out how much time customers spend in specific parts of the store and what routes they travel.

Image analysis reduces queues and improves customer service

The knowledge provided by the Blueye system about the volume of customer traffic in specific areas of the store on certain days of the week and times of the day is invaluable for the managerial staff. Having such data at disposal, after a few weeks, you can precisely plan the number of necessary customer service employees, cashiers or security guards. All this to ensure the highest standard of service and, as a result, gain the trust of customers and encourage them to visit the store again.


  • discrete and privacy-friendly data collection
  • customer anonymity
  • the image of the customers is not used
  • real-time analysis
  • numerical reports and visualizations

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