Hardware Blueye

Top-quality vision devices

As part of the Blueye installation, we use only proven and properly selected hardware solutions. An important element is the fact that we can use camera devices already installed in the facility

Mini dome analytical camera

4MP IP dome camera with 2.8mm lens and audio path. Power 12V DC or PoE . All devices can be freely personalized in terms of colors. All devices meet the IK08 and IP66 standards

3D camera

Effective monitoring installations related to the control and handling of the movement of people inside the premises. The device belongs to the group of cameras designed for statistical purposes related to the function of effective counting of people within the viewing radius of the camera


Jazm analytical license server . It is equipped with a set of two state-of-the-art graphics cards that allow you to perform complex operations such as image analysis. Designed to run counting algorithms

  • - Efficient graphics
  • - Large SSD drive
  • - High frequency RAM
  • - High cooling capacity
  • - Quiet fan operation
  • - Modern housing
  • - Unique design ensures perfect air circulation